Dog is definately on the mend

Couldn’t leave the doggy “tail” where it was. So decided a follow up was in order.

Tristan removed the bandages this morning so I took a look at the scar tissue. There is the expected amount of puckering, but no inflammations or redness so it seems my indoctrination from all those years reading “Twinkle” paid off.

Scar Tissue:

So – with the bandages off, Dog is feeling and looking a lot more like himself and ready to get up to new tricks. Let’s just hope none of them involve lightbulbs…

Of course, like all dogs, this one needs a bath. He smells. There will be no line-pinning this time though, instead he’ll get all fluffed up in the tumble drier. I’m sure he’ll like that. It’s certainly less painful on the ears…

Spring Cleaning 2009

(Did I hear someone say I was barking?…)

6 Replies to “Dog is definately on the mend”

  1. So glad "Dog" is better. I'm sure Triston is happy that Dog is better and healing. A good washing and inside drying will do him a lot of good, I would think! *smiling* Don't forget a little physical therapy to make Dog less lumpy!!!!

  2. Stuffing? Sounds painful. 🙂 You can't beat a saggy soft toy for cuddles and comfort. They just don't feel the same all fluffed up. So it's just a quick wash and blow dry tomorrow and as i've discovered his owner has been worrying at a hole in the neck it'll be another stitch there too and then hopefully as good as not-really-new.

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