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Red Herring Events has had a new commision for a murder mystery performance on the 31st october, Halloween themed, so I am now smack bang in the middle of writing a new game so I can get it to the cast as soon as possible!

The current game is titled “The Transylvanian Trap” for the hotel, but as I already have a game called that on RHG I will be renaming it for general release. My only problem is what do I call it?

Halloween Horror? Dead on arrival? Transylvanian Terror/trouble? Hallo-scream? Horrible happenings at Halloween? Done in at Dunnem Inn? Any preferences???

Oddly, because it’s a commission I’ve actually written the blurb for the game first (as they needed it for the hotel website ASAP) so to give you a flavour of the game, this is what is to come…

Set attractively in the Transylvanian hills of Romania, Dunnem Inn is a grand and elegant hotel with stunning medieval architecture

Sited centrally for the most important cultural attractions, Dunnem Inn is the perfect choice for tourists wishing to make the most of their stay in Romania.

With regular coach tours departing from the hotel every day and themed murder mystery evenings every weekend, Dunnem Inn aims to make any visit to Romania both comfortable and unforgettable.

Guests are always encouraged to join in with the festivities of Halloween during their stay at Dunnem Inn and this evening is no exception. Surrounded by ghosts, vampires, witches and zombies the staff hope to engage you in a lively Halloween themed murder mystery.

The problem is, tonight it’s a REAL body they discover; that of Seymour Vistas, one of the visiting guests.

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