Pregnancy from a kids perspective.

Iona came home yesterday and announced to us that her teacher was having a baby.

“That’s great!” said Magnus, “What is she having, a boy or a girl?”

To which Iona replied: “It looked like a teddy bear to me.”

Leaf Blowing…revisited

Following my previous post (read a few posts down) – I saw a very annoyed leaf blower today rounding up another batch of leaves in the local park. At the time, I figured his displeasure was probably due to the fact he’d been sent out every day to blow damp, barely moving leaves from one place to another, but it turned out his annoyance was more to do with my daughter, or to be precise her entire class.

It turns out, not fifteen minutes before I walked around the park with the dog, my daughter’s class had been out for a morning amble with their class teacher. Seeing a huge pile of leaves and being “that kind of teacher” (by that I mean one who wholly engages the class) she encouraged the class to kick through the autumn leaves, bury her in leaves, and generally mess the piles of leaves around. The kids had a great time apparently.

It was only when the actual leaf blower man turned up with his wheelbarrow to move the freshly piled leaves that the teacher realised her mistake! Oh – just the very idea of it just makes me grin uncontrollably from ear to ear…


Aw shucks… after a busy couple of weeks I reached the computer this morning and had no pending work to do for Red Herring Games. Obviously when I say no “pending” work – what I mean is no formatting, no customer service emails, no follow ups and no printing – after all – the writing is always there – but this morning, it was just the writing and so, after nearly 6 weeks of neglect it was the house’s turn.

I vaccuumed, I dusted, I swept and mopped, I cleaned the toilets, sinks and kitchen and basically blitzed the place. I even had a hot home cooked meal waiting for Magnus when he got home. (Domestic bliss – for him anyway.)

And so I enter the weekend with a clean house, the desk might still be topsy turvy with paperwork but underneath the cluttered top the carpet is at least free from dropped staples and strips of paper.

So I suppose this weekend I might actually begin work on a new single room cast based game… maybe… but even if I get that started, I’m not sure it will get completed until after the Christmas rush.

And as for the rest of the writing… well, the BBC still has Chasing Thunder – I think that’s been with them for three months now, and it also still has Deep Rising, which has been with them around one month. Igloo Films haven’t contacted me about any further revisions, but that film is still on-going somewhere in the background, and my brain is churning with ideas – what I need above all else is a little time right now to do some writing that isn’t murder mystery related, but I think that will be a new years resolution…

What is it with men?

Walking through the park this afternoon I saw what could only be described as a distinctly “male phenomenon” – i.e. something a woman would just never in their right mind decide to do – namely blow leaves.

I’ve often though of leaf blowers as male toys anyway (you wouldn’t catch a woman blowing dirt around the house rather than sucking it up into a vacuum cleaner thereby REMOVING the offending material). And I’ve never really understood the need men have at this time of year to move leaves from one place to another, only to leave them in piles for the wind to blow back across the paths – but to actually try to BLOW the leaves against the wind?! I ask you!!

I am sure the rake was invented for some reason…

Still – it reminds me of the old tale about the space race. Realising that pens would not work in zero gravity, NASA spent thousands of dollars inventing a pen which WOULD work in space.

And the Russians? They used a pencil.

(Of course that’s just an urban legend… or so they claim…)

First day of school

Well, yesterday was the first day of school for my eldest daughter. Did I feel emotional? Well… a little. Certainly when I put her in her uniform and took the requisite “first day” photographs I felt a little tearful, but by the time we arrived at the school all that was behind me.

She was so keen to go it was unbelieveable and to make things better her best friend from pre-school two years ago turned out to be in her class so they went in together and left me and Tristan outside at the fence. Poor little thing, he was distraught losing his big sister…

However – that’s all changing today as he has his first settling in session himself at pre-school and his beside himself with excitement. Needless to say the camera has been out again this morning – but they aren’t in the mood to pose (grrr) – however – I did manage one good shot of them both.

You can tell you’re a mum when…

You get presented with a potty of poo – and what is more – you are delighted!

I must say, six years ago before children were even “on” the agenda I would never have believed I would drop to this level, but it’s true! Forget flowers, chocolates or even a romantic meal – this potty of poo was a true delight to me last night as it intimated to me that my son was finally “getting” the whole potty training idea!

With Tristan finally coming out of nappies I feel I can close the door on the whole “baby” chapter in my life. My young man is finally growing up!

Obviously we’ve still got a long way to go yet, certainly if the dining room floor is anything to go by today, he isn’t perfect by a long shot, but we are getting there, and I do happen to know a thoroughly decent carpet cleaner (Thanks Heath!) who will “take the piss out of my carpet” (which is his advertising slogen – funnily enough!).

One of those moments…

Kids. The things they say cause endless amusement. For instance…

One day after a lot of rain I happen to say something like “Where did all this rain come from?” And from behind me a little voice pipes up: “The Sky Mummy!”

Or, as a friend happened to mention to me tonight, they were in a wedding service with their 3 year old niece and when the minister reached the part in the sermon about “if anyone knows of any reason why these two people should not be joined in holy matrimony let them say so now.” And the niece piped up with “Mummy, do you have a pen?”

I tell you, things like that just call for writing into a screenplay…