Back from hols and back to work!

Arrived home yesterday from a “nearly” two week break to see our folks back home. Had a wonderfully relaxing time away from work, recharged the old batteries and rested up, and have now come back raring to go. – Which is just as well really, as I’ve returned to a complicated customisation order on Red Herring Games and two other contacts to follow up over the next week.

This week also sees me launch the marketing in earnest for “the Spy Who Killed Me” which is running in aid of the MS society on the 2nd October.

As well as joining BNI and getting involved in the whole “Give as Gain” ethos of that.

Of course, on top of all that, I’ve still got “Deep rising” to finish, a project deadline for that having been fixed as 20th August as that is the deadline for Northern Voices entries and although I am not, as yet, sure if I qualify for that scheme, I might as well aim for that until I hear otherwise. Either way the fish need to get their own back before I begin eating and sleeping them…

I also can’t wait to catch up with Kerry Dewery this week to find out how she got on at the BBC masterclass. She’s been away on holiday the same time as me, but boy is she going to be snowploughed with questions the minute I see her on Thursday!

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  1. Glad you had a lovely relaxing holiday! Good luck with those projects – I'm sure you'll be able to attack them with rigeur now you've rested up :)I need to take a leaf out of your book and set myself some deadlines – I've been terribly lazy on the creative front of late – bad me!

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