Another week rushes by…

Yet another busy week…

Last Friday saw me at Kenwick Park overseeing the performance of “A Highland Fling” (Photo below of the cast)

Then on Saturday it was the BNI Christmas Social and “The Award’s Night Fright” – I had to act for this one, just a bit part with a lot of screaming. The biggest bonus of it all though was that I had to get dressed all fancy as “Meg Tryin”. In the run up to the event I bought my first ever makeup – it wasn’t a total disaster, fortunately! (See below)

Following the weekend of murdering fun, I submitted an application for the Big Finish Dr Who opporutnity. So that’s on the “wait and see” list for Febuary.

On Monday it was a visit to Johnson Hunt for some business advice (not being a businesswoman I figured it was about time I got some help!)

And since then I’ve been:

– performing site maintence on Red Herring Games – check out the new look: Red Herring Games Website And no, it’s not me on the front page. I would scare people away!!

– editing “The Chinese Take-out”,

– and working on “Last Will and Testament” the next Halloween themed game for hotels in 2010. I’m about 1/3 of the way into it so far with 3 out of 5 character backgrounds finished.

– Not to mention child care and all the other regular weekly events.

Next weekend I’m helping out with the Compered mystery for Pelham accountants. I’m playing “Dr. Easter Jones”. And yes… I’ve written in a few screams. 🙂

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