And off we go again!

After a hectic week finalising a custom order for Host-party, answering dozens of customer enquiries, printing games and proofing other author’s work – I’ve finally made it back to the blog.

This week (as well as all the above) I’ve started a new screenplay – it’s been a long time coming and has been in several guises in my head and even on my computer as the first chapter of a book – but now it has a name – Quest – and will be a children’s TV script.

I haven’t yet decided where exactly I’m going to take it yet, as there were several different versions of ideas that seem to have finally coalesced into one, but it’ll be interesting to see how it develops.

At present it’s just 7 pages long, and I am hoping it won’t get stuck at that point, but the opening few pages are good enough to progress with, so I’m fairly hopeful, time allowing, that I can get it past the 10 page mark and head towards a completed 30 minute script aimed at the children’s drama slot.

Oddly I also came up with a title for a book. (This isn’t normal for me as usually the book comes first and then I agonise over what I’m going to call it!) So… “The Reassurance of Colour” is the title – now I just have to find the book to go with it.

It’s lurking in my head somewhere and keeps rearing up now and again hinting at a plot, but so far it’s still swirling around in that cauldron of mine. Given that I’ve started three books in the last couple of months (jottings of first chapters) – I suspect the same thing will happen with this one as has happened with Quest. If I give it all long enough it’ll form into something useable.

However – first things first. Tomorrow I’m running a murder mystery evening for some business friends from the BNI – The Surgical Strike (Doctors and Nurses themed). Should be fun!

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