Well… quite clearly the one-per-week blog idea failed…

OK yes… obviously one per week was a hard target to meet given that it’s now October the 23rd and I’ve not been on here for nearly a month!

However, all games have been edited and formatted, I’ve proofed several new authors work (the first of which is now live on site – well done Lissa) and all the current crop of new games are now listed on Red Herring Games!

Last night was the first outing of “Last Will and Testament” at an event locally, and it went down a storm. The next scheduled event is for a team building day on the 3rd November, and I’ve got a fair amount of reformatting to do on a game to make it suitable for that occaision. So that’s this weeks project.

Oh, and my darling daughter has decided (at nearly age 6) that she wants a “mystery birthday party Mummy” – I should have seen that coming I suppose! I’ve pursuaded her out of dead bodies… and managed to talk her into using one of the children’s games I wrote back in 2008 – so for her birthday (or rather a few days before) we’re hunting the illusive vanishing dragon of castle clue. Unfortunately this means she’s asked for a repeat of this cake:

Which took me a good day to make in 2008 and was one I was hoping I’d NEVER have to repeat! Botheration! I did try and talk her into a dragon cake (an easy design she had for her 2nd birthday when she couldn’t ask me for anything…) but no…

Oh for the days when she couldn’t talk! Things were so much easier back then…

Anyway – half term will be spent making up the props we need for this birthday extravaganza as it’s going to be hosted on the 13th November, which isn’t that far off.

Added to that it’s my 10 minutes at BNI on the 3rd, and I’ve got to plan for that too…

Meanwhile the house is still upside down, and after 2 and a bit weeks with no cooker, I’m hoping that I’ll have a working kitchen very soon… hopefully by the 6th as we’re hosting “Montague Viper’s: Death of Mr Big Nose” that day. Which reminds me, I still need to get the invitations out…

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