Murder in the Dark

Just a few snaps from Murder in the Dark hosted on Friday 17th.
!The FBI don’t take no for an answer, Franny dear!” (Yes – it’s me in the FBI Catsuit as Tracy Call – the good looking supermodel next to me is Franny Fascinator (aka Sally).
Franny arrived with Miles High the airforce pilot (her husband Sean in real life).
Then we have Dickie Bow (the stripper who did actually manage to get some of his kit off as the night progressed, but only because he’d spilled red wine all over his shirt!), next to him, not looking very impressed is Penny Counter. (alias Si and Ali.)

Last but not least, Chuck De’Ball the american footballer and Dr. Lisa Ning (Tell me about your parents…) – or John and Sarah.
A buffet style menu and a murder mystery totally by candlelight due to a powercut (pre-arranged by the killer). Fortunately the powercut was faked as we did have some electric lighting once we got going otherwise us oldies wouldn’t have been able to see our scripts!

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