A miserable pooch.

Oh dear. Poor Dog. He really does suffer. Back in May 2009 he was lost for nearly 48 hours (found after 2 days of searching) and before that he lost one eye (it was bitten off by his owner – hence his eye patch), and just yesterday he underwent major surgery following a 4th degree burn to his back leg.

Needless to say the poor little thing is in recovery now, and “nurse Tristan” is doing his best to make up for the fact he left him hanging over the light bulb in his bedside lamp.

This is of course Tristan’s bedtime pal – which is why the toy is so moth eaten and has been surgically assisted instead of just simply thrown away.

I must admit, I feel a little like “Nurse Nancy” right now. Did anyone else get “Twinkle” as a child?

10 thoughts on “A miserable pooch.

  1. I had a couple of hardback comic compilation books that used to belong to my sister, so I have read Nurse Nancy! I used to have a nurses costume and I nicknamed myself Nurse Nancy. I love those old-fashioned comics, they were so lovely weren't they? P.S. Tristan looks adorable!


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