First day of school

Well, yesterday was the first day of school for my eldest daughter. Did I feel emotional? Well… a little. Certainly when I put her in her uniform and took the requisite “first day” photographs I felt a little tearful, but by the time we arrived at the school all that was behind me.

She was so keen to go it was unbelieveable and to make things better her best friend from pre-school two years ago turned out to be in her class so they went in together and left me and Tristan outside at the fence. Poor little thing, he was distraught losing his big sister…

However – that’s all changing today as he has his first settling in session himself at pre-school and his beside himself with excitement. Needless to say the camera has been out again this morning – but they aren’t in the mood to pose (grrr) – however – I did manage one good shot of them both.

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