New networking opportunity for UK writers.

After a couple of months on twitter, meeting loads of new writers with some really interesting blogs (much more interesting than my basic affair), and after reading someone else’s tweet about a social networking site called “ning” I figured – what the heck – I’ll set a “ning” account up for UKwriters and see what happens.

If you want to join us it’s here:

Never been one for lengthy posts, I would ordinarily stop this one here, but given that the last post on the UKwriters site contained a link to my own blog and my last post was about “poo” I figured I better get a different header post up quickly, lest all these new people visiting my blog think I’m totally derranged… which probably isn’t far from the truth anyway!!

Michelle Goode or @Sofluid if you track her on twitter has already posted some fab writing reports from various conferences she’s been to, as well as a list of up to date competitions – one of which is a murder mystery writing one… which means I really should rethink my schedule again and try and piece together a plot for something. (incidentally she was also the lovely woman who linked my blog to her post which dragged all of the newbies to my “poo” post! Friends – who needs enemies eh?)

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