Nearly completed “A Midsumer Night’s Scream!”

Five question and answer sections to write and then “A Midsummer Night’s Scream” is finished! The scripted sections were finished off this evening, and I know they “hit the mark” as Magnus decided (unusually) to read them and creased laughing – so I think I have that about right.

I’m still waiting for the new date for the murder mystery at Healing Manor, but I have girl’s night out planned there for the 25th of this month, my first trial of the popular “Smashed hits” which is a little odd for me as it’s RHG’s best seller, and I’ve never actually played the game!

Tomorrow the guest list will be finalised and I’ll get to find out if I’m playing May Donna (With the 80’s cones) or Whitney Housedown (I’ll need to black myself up I think), or perhaps Tanya Wilsox (ginger wig and make-up). Whoever I end up playing I’ll enjoy myself. I have no other option!

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