And for my next trick!

Well! How about that! I’ve written a multi-room game in under 2 weeks – impressed?

I’m sure my husband isn’t – poor neglected man.

However – on reviewing progress so far I’ve just realised I have three games in process – two of which were custom orders from last year that need reworking for resale, and the third is a new project. So which to start first?

Answer: The IRONING!!! – Yep – I may have written an entirely new cast based game in under two weeks – but in that time my house has turned into a dust heap and the ironing has piled up into a mountain.

But – that is good news as it happens, as I actually enjoy ironing (sad aren’t I?). And not only that, but I have (have) to watch pride and prejudice to get me in the right frame of mind for a period murder mystery currently underway (Midsummer Night’s Scream!), so I can kill two bird with one stone! How is that for multi-tasking?

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