A dreadful doggy disaster!

There has to be nothing worse than trying to settle your toddler to sleep without their cuddle toy. I’ve had to do it once for Iona when Rabbit and Seal went AWOL for three days, and tonight it’s Tristan’s turn. Dog has dissappeared. Vanished without a trace.

I’ve hunted high,
I’ve hunted low,
I’ve hunted above
and hunted below.

I’ve hunted in,
I’ve hunted out,
While all the time poor tristan shouts:

“Where is dog?
He can’t have gone.
I just can’t sleep,
it feels all wrong.”

I’ve hunted near,
I’ve hunted far,
in the house,
and in the car.

I’ve called the neighbours,
checked the lawn
While Tristan stifles tears
and yawns.

I’ve tried the shed,
I’ve tried the loft,
But darling dog
remains quite LOST.

(OK – so it doesn’t quite rhyme, this is a five minute post not a BA English piece)

Last time Rabbit and Seal turned up underneath a cushion on the tub chairs, flattened and squished but otherwise unharmed. I just hope the same will be true of dog.

I have the neighbours round for lunch tomorrow. I think I might set their older boys the task of hunting out Dog, the first to find him wins… something.

(The photo is at least a year old – dog looks a bit more motheaten now. But it’s probably the best I have of them together as we try to keep Dog out of the photos!)

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