Large group custom order progressing well.

Occaisionally I take custom orders for murder mystery games from as I am registered with them as an author.

This time around it’s for a 16th birthday for 42 teenagers (with a couple of youngsters thrown in). The remit had originally been for a masked murder mystery ball, then a spring murder mystery ball, and now, after a few emails back and forth, it’s Movie Mayhem (no murder).

However, now that the theme is all ironed out, and I know the rating level, it’s just a case of pulling everything togther into a coherant plot, and sorting out all the characters and designing a game to suit this number of guests. 42 is not an easy number to cater for, and requires a lot of peripheral work to make it feasible, but the plot is hastening towards a satisfactory concept, and I am sure much of the background material will find its way into another game a little down the line.

I’m hoping to have the bones of the character backgrounds and Q and A rounds tied up this weekend, leaving just the inspector parts, and any scripted sections and physical clues for next week before it dissappears off to the editors.

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