On-line blogging mystery

So far I have ideas, nothing set in stone – a majority of my work is like that.

But – consider this… how do you fancy watching on video a short introduction to a murder, and then being sent off to hunt for clues which the deceased has left accross the internet as to her killer? (Oh, yes, she knew she was going to die, but not how or when. ) In addition to her clues there is the on-going police investigation to keep track of, evidence from which will turn up here and there on different blogs (all signposted like an on-line treasure hunt).

Obviously there will have to be prizes. But we can do that. It should be fun. Both fun to write, fun to execute and fun to take part in.

I know who the dead girl is, what I need now is the name for the game. I have a few ideas, but will keep you posted.

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