babysitting, but the muse won’t come

Oh drat! There was I thinking that an evening babysitting for friends would enable me to finish Mobsters, Mols and Murder off. How wrong can I be? Their laptop won’t take my version of MSoffice and I can’t find the “save” button anywhere! Needless to say I haven’t achieved very much. But I have reviewed the failed entry for the Rise Films summer challenge, and, after looking it over again and making one or two very minor changes I think it really deserves to be sent into the BBC writersroom script department to get their opinion on it. Who knows, just because one group thinks it’s bad, maybe another lot might like it. I mean, it’s happened before. The red planet finalist piece I submitted had been through the writersroom at the BBC already and didn’t even get past the first 10 page review, so perhaps it’ll work the other way this time around?! I can but hope. Meanwhile I really need to crack on with some new work. I’ve got some ideas, as ever, it’s just finding the time… oh – and a compatible computer!!

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