Oh I do love a good murder!

OK I admit, the bit I love the best about running my own large group murder mystery games is the props!

I spent last week producing these two. The flick knife shoe does actually work (even if the blade is plastic). The poison gas cylinder doesn’t (sadly), though if anyone does actually tamper with it, then the fire extinguisher underneath the black paint will undoubtedly fire and it could make for a very interesting night!

The watch face I had kicking about from another game a couple of years ago, but the wires and switch actually came out of my old hand mixer which I tore apart looking for a circuit board for a letter bomb.

Unfortunately the mixer didn’t have one. Pity. However I happen to know a very nice appliance salesman (thanks Frank) who will obtain a circuit board for me for free. The explosive will be easy. I’ve already purchase some semtex (white plastercine)!

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